Saturday, February 1, 2014


Well, so much for sleeping in. I woke up at 5:30 when Booger did and dozed until time to get my errands run and come home to enjoy this gawjus weather. It's close to 50 and breezy enough to air out both the house and car. Every once in awhile the sun peeks out but it's mostly cloudy with rain on the way. Mama called and said she had a bit of a cold so I ran down there to take her some meds and Daddy asked for a ride down to Gerald's house to return the pecan pie dish. In the middle of it was a note card featuring our red log cabin in the snow. The Staffords by Floyd Speck I believe? Aunt Molly's trailer is tied down and ready to rock but she's not there yet. She's not my aunt Molly but to the Johnson's she is. I have a feeling she's about to be mine too. As we cruised down the road he told me exactly who owns each parcel which is amazing since he's 82 and has dementia. Definitely not an Alzheimer sort of thing. Gerald and Judy's place is one of several prime spots over next to the river as it winds through and around the entire farm. Awesome stuff, folks. On the way home I passed homeland security headed for the beer store.

So far no cops today on the dead end kids which is always a good thing for the 'hood. One day she had like had ENOUGH and had a bad shoulder surgery she just disappeared one day and the entire crew came up to my front porch to leave a tray with milk and a percocet. The law found her sitting in a booth at the chicken store three miles away. So they took her home and she immediately asked me to please not make a fuss and have her kids taken away even though they're all just really kind of sad. Daddy has seizure disorder and is non-compliant medwise plus draws a check. The kids used to go to school but something happened with that because the country buses don't run this road any longer.

I haven't been feeding my birds so there's really no color in my landscape at the moment. What I thought was a redbird turned out to be a dead apple from October. Granny smith, no less! The horrible brass table now sits in the middle of my flower bed in the back. The perfect place for a shade garden right under a maple tree where a barrel grill once stood surrounded by weeds. I dug up stones from the walkways around here and hauled them around back to create the beginning of the patio. It contains bricks from all over. The south side is covered by the roof over the basement steps so it's really. Depending on the season, there may be sweet feed or hay or somebody's piece of furniture or mr snake in no particular order. I'm just saying that the evil one has a lot fewer nooks to hide in now.

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