Sunday, February 2, 2014

eggs without doughnuts

Today is one of those that makes you remember that by February winter has gone on way too damn long. Mr. Groundhog certainly hasn't seen a shadow today because it's cold and rainy and eck. I slept for 12 hours two days in a row like a dead person and I could still use some more rest but that will come in time. Right now it looks like icy roads to the sawmill tomorrow morning. As it happened daddy and I ate breakfast with my high school biochemistry teacher who is a JFK conspiracy theorist. We cut up cats with surgical blades to learn A&P and had a funeral afterwards complete with cardboard caskets and Egyptian names for our dead felines. He says the students don't have fun anymore and neither do the teachers. I can relate.

I was in the shower last night when there was sudden darkness due to power outage and just about killed myself trying to make it to the bed. Luckily my new roomie had a candle on her dresser and it gave me enough light to navigate that way. And then, of course about the time I fell asleep, the lights came back on. Daddy and I went shopping today after breakfast and got a couple of cards and some valentine/anniversary candy that Mama is sure to enjoy. The minute we got home he took charge of the remote and stopped her show so he could "wait" for the Superbowl. Sweet baby jeebus! I was out and about and caught Joe Namath all cheesing for the cameras during pre-game and I honestly thought he was already passed on. There are more people in the great state of TN than those in CO who want Peyton to win again. We shall see how that whole thing plays out. Tell me the score over breakfast,umkay. Life will go on if the NFL folds.

I realize now that Big Ernie has had a plan for me all along and I was just too obedient and stubborn to look outside the box for answers. I've used the whiny approach which makes me miserable and causes him to just shake his head in wonder that I could be so shallow when the least of these are suffering big time. Today's internet journey found me looking at volcano pictures and searching for a new battery charger because mine's gone dead. Wind's whipping from the northwest and the screens are iced over. Looks like a four dog night for me.

Faith hope and love. Which is the greatest of these?

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