Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Out of the blue came free lunch from somebody at work, just in time to save some money for the beach. Sweet. The sun came out and it didn't rain. Yet. And to top it all off..I learned a new weather word. "Derecheo"

BG is busy this week, seeing after the grands and getting ready to graduate. She even bought me some shirts today, bless her heart. I do so hate to shop. My favorite shorts have a rip on the side so I've got to pencil in some time to sew those babies up in the next couple of days. No..wait! Mitz will do it for me :) She's my fabulous co-worker whose daughter is working on being a chef. I've got strawberry cake to prove it. I thought I'd be clever and take a cake to the party Saturday so it got delivered with a card on top. I left it in my car, all stealth like, so she wouldn't know anything was up. That night she went to the store in my car, brought the stuff in and promptly dug into the strawberry goodness. So, there was no cake at the party. We're eatin' it all ourselves and that's a win-win situation.

Official pet sitter, Cassie Rae is coming out tomorrow for a meet'n'greet with the kids. Right now they look pretty scary all sprawled on the furniture sound asleep. Except for Lily...she's in heat and prowling. Never fear...her tubes are tied so she's having a grand time and no!kittens!


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